Other colors can be manufactured on request and with a minimum order

Throughout the years, compact PVC has been gaining ground in the market, becoming an increasingly used option, especially in construction. Its durability, lightness, easy installation, price, and its resistance to chemical agents have made it the substitute for many other materials. In the same way, at Plásticos Ferplast we have seen our demand for this material increase, working on all types of projects.

We have different colors to choose from: transparent, white, black, gray and red. Likewise, other colors can be manufactured on request and with a minimum order. From our technical team we will help you choose among the options of our catalog the most interesting option for your catalog.

  • We sell  sheets, tubes, and bars in custom sizes and thicknesses.

  • We make large and small series of custom pieces and products.

  • We make highly personalized projects with single unit or prototype pieces.

  • It is possible to make any type of cut, glued, curved, threaded, thermoformed, molded, bmolded, turned, or CNC machined piece, with the possibility of printing in several systems.

Projects in compact PVC created by Plásticos Ferplast

Over the years we have created all kinds of designs in compact PVC for different sectors:

  • Buckets for corrosive materials.
  • Protection and security elements (EPIS).
  • Electrical panels.
  • Pipes for chemical products and irrigation water.
  • Protection for machinery.
  • Applications and accessories for use with food.
  • Signs, exhibitors, displays, advertising, signage, POS.
  • Lettering for signage, neon protections.
  • Thermoformed.
  • Urns of various formats: rectangular, round, square, large, small …
  • Models
  • Acoustic insulation with different format panels.
  • Enclosures.
  • Anti-vandalism glazing.
  • Showcases: shelves, product supports, product elevation (pedestals), shop window protection (anti-vandalism), separators …
  • Dividing walls, glazing.
  • Industrial protection.
  • Furniture and decoration: shelves, supports for tables, sculptures, pedestals.
  • Urban street furniture.
  • Promotions, vending, brochure dispensers, posters, displays.
  • Paperweights, engraved or printed commemorative plaques.
  • Advertising and advertising elements: price tags, photo frames, pedestals with printing, engravings.
  • Stands

Other materials available