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The ability to transform our plastics to your needs

Our facilities of more than 2000 m² have the most advanced machinery and technology

In Plásticos Ferplast we are specialists in the transformation of plastics according to your needs. Our projects range from large volume order to unique pieces and prototypes, and in all cases, being manufacturers, we can offer you the best prices.

Our facilities of more than 200 m² have the most advanced machinery and technology to give any shape and treatment to the materials in our catalog. But it is our experience and knowledge of the product that sets us apart.

Our technical team listens to your needs and studies your project to understand your requirements and expectations, advising you on the best way to carry out your order. To do this, we propose any improvement that can be applcable, define the materials to be used, and establish the work, pieces, and operations to be carried out. Finally, we create a production proposal that we pass on to our factory technicians. These are the ones in charge of carrying out the different tasks in order to develope your ideas by applying the strictest quality controls. Finally, we deliver the product to you and, if you wish, we even help you with the installation and assembly.

What services do you need?



The most advanced designs in short production times and with high profitability


CNC Machining

Our experience in CNC Machining guarantees you maximum precision results.


Laser cutting

From high-precision straight lines to any type of shape and form


Custom cutting

We determine the optimum cutting process for each type of piece, guaranteeing an excellent quality-price ratio

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