Our experience in CNC Machining guarantees you maximum precision results

In Plásticos Ferplast we work with CNC Machining (Computer numerical control) to offer you high precision designs, created with maximum speed and at highly competitive costs. It is a technology that allows for manufacturing all kinds of pieces, directly from computer generated files.

In short, computerized numerical control is the use of a computer to control and monitor the movements of a machine tool. Among both static and portable machine tools, we can mention: milling machine, lathe, grinding machine, laser, water jet or electroerosion cutting machine, printing press, robotic arm, etc. Large machines have a dedicated computer that is part of their equipment, and most have a sophisticated feedback system that constantly monitors and adjusts the speed and position of the cutting tool. The least demanding machines used in workshops allow the use of an external personal computer. The CNC controller works in conjunction with a series of motors (servomotors and/or stepper motors), as well as drive components to move the axes of the machine in a controlled manner and execute the programmed movements.

Through this technique we can create all types of components in an automated way, responding to requests quickly and with agility, for both single pieces and mass production.

Over the years, after having manufactured a large number of projects, we have acquired sufficient know-how to cope with our technology in different plastic materials, and we can guarantee the best results.

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