Our purchasing department will even look for pieces made of other materials

Are you looking for a reliable partner to help you define, manufacture, and assemble the plastic elements of your product or design? At Plásticos Ferplast we collaborate with you through a comprehensive service that provides you with the components you require. For this, we have an agile and versatile production team ready to adapt to any request.

Together, we can study your needs and requirements, designing and creating a test prototype. Our purchasing department even looks for pieces made of other materials that may be required. Once the design is approved we, as experts in plastic products, will offer you the highest quality in manufacturing, with highly competitive prices. Finally, we deliver it to you wherever you tell us with maximum punctuality and with the packaging that you specify.

Plásticos Ferplast is a supplier for companies in various sectors, providing all types of components. . Ask us for a quote and discover the advantages of having us as a supplier.

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