A material widely used in signage, panels, or as a coating

Foamed PVC, also called forex, is our lightest alternative in plastic. It is a material widely used in signs, panels, or as a coating on buildings; a solution that offers a support that is simple to manipulate and easy to print on through various systems such as screen printing or pad printing.

  • A product available in sheets in different thicknesses and sizes.

  • We have options of glossy white surface, and matte finish in white, black, gray, red, yellow, green, and blue.

  • There is the possibility of manufacturing in special colors and thicknesses (consult minimum orders).

  • It is possible to make any type of cut, glued, curved, threaded, thermoformed, molded, bent, turned, or CNC machined piece, with the possibility of printing in several systems.

We have technologies that facilitate a customized solution in foamed PVC

From prototypes and designs with few units to large volume production runs. At Ferplast we have the ability to carry out a project according to your needs with highly professional results. Having advanced and precise equipment allows us to make any type of order quickly, choosing the best priced solution. Thus, while foamed PVC is an easier material to work with than other plastics, if you demand finishes of the highest quality, we are your best option.

Our technical team is at your disposal from the very first moment to study your order. We are able to define any element from a technical drawing, providing you with our experience and professional advice to make your ideas come true. We also take care of other aspects of customer service, including aspects such as delivery times, packaging, and transport.


What does foamed PVC offer to our customers?

It presents a smooth surface suitable for all types of printing.

Foamed PVC offers a lightweight and manageable material in a flexible and impact resistant format. It is also a solution suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, being resistant to most chemical agents, very easy to clean, and self-extinguishing. In addition, it presents a smooth surface suitable for all types of printing through different systems.

Some applications of foamed PVC

Foamed PVC is a material with a wide range of possibilities and applications. Some of the most outstanding are:

  • Signage, exhibitors, displays, anti-reflective signage, advertising, signs, POS.
  • Serigraphy.
  • Digital printing.
  • Letters for signage.
  • Promotion articles.
  • Packages
  • Protection and security elements (EPIS).
  • Protection for machinery.
  • Applications and accessories for food use.
  • Thermoformed.
  • Acoustic insulation different format panels.
  • Anti-vandalism glazing.
  • Security glazing: screens for shopping centers, schools, gymnasiums, transit areas, airports.
  • Dividing walls, glazing.
  • Showcases: Shelves, product supports, product elevation (pedestals), shop window protection (anti-vandalism), separators …
  • Covers and skylights.
  • Industrial protections – Furniture and decoration: shelves, supports for tables, sculptures, pedestals.
  • Urban street furniture.
  • Promotions, vending, brochure dispensers, posters, displays.
  • Paperweight, engraved or printed commemorative plaques.
  • Advertising and advertising elements: price tags, photo frames, pedestals with print, engravings.
  • Stands

Other materials available