It stands out for complying with regulations for products in contact with food

At Plásticos Ferplast we have extensive experience offering solutions in PETG. It is an alternative that stands out for complying with regulations for products in contact with food according to the European Directive 92/93 EEC, as well as according to the USA FDA regulations and the Russian GOST. But also, due to its characteristics of hardness and transparency, brightness and ease of shaping, it has allowed us to create many other solutions for our customers.

Our commercial department can propose different types and qualities of PETG according to your needs.

  • Standard PETG can be transparent or in smoked gray color.

  • We can offer you options in special colors and formats.

  • Keep in mind that for short series it is not possible to use a very wide range of colors.

  • There is the possibility of acquiring PETG with technical surfaces of high resistance against abrasions (anti-grafitti) and with high hardness treatments.

  • We are able to adapt its format to fit your needs, even for unique pieces or prototypes.

  • It is possible to cut, glue, curve, thread, thermoform, mold, bend, turn, CNC machine, or polish any piece, along with other treatments.


What does PETG offer our customers?

It also stands out for its resistance to extreme weather conditions

PETG is characterized by being a plastic that complies with European regulations on materials in contact with food products. This makes it a perfect choice for all types of utensils, containers, furniture, or machinery related to this area.

But it is also an alternative that, thanks to its physical properties, offers many other possibilities and applications. It is a lightweight material that resists impacts well and, in its transparent version, offers a brightness very similar to glass. It also stands out for its resistance to extreme climatic conditions, avoiding the formation of cracks and breaks in case of high temperature contrasts.

We are able to offer you a customized PETG solution

PETG offers ample possibilities when it comes to being transformed, cut, or molded to adapt to your project. It stands out especially for its ease of molding at low temperatures, and for the fact that it does not crystallize, providing great savings of time and cost when it comes to transforming it, without losing its original characteristics.

At Plásticos Ferplast, over the years we have been exploring its possibilities by carrying out different projects for our customers, both in prototypes or models as well as pieces manufactured in series. We have the technology, knowledge of the product, and the necessary equipment to create a customized solution. And if you wish, we can advise you when carrying out your ideas, whether when installing, treating, or adhering to other materials.


PETG projects created by Plásticos Ferplast

Over the years we have created all kinds of designs in PETG for various sectors:

  • Protection and security elements (EPIS).
  • Protection for machinery.
  • Applications and accessories for food use.
  • Signs, exhibitors, displays, advertising, signage, POS.
  • Lettering for signage, neon protections.
  • Thermoformed items.
  • Urns of various formats: rectangular, round, square, large, small …
  • Models: urns of large and small formats for architecture (antivandálico).
  • Scale-model display cases and cabinets for different models of cars, boats, trains, and collectibles in general.
  • Acoustic insulation with panels of different formats.
  • Anti-vandalism glazing.
  • Showcases: shelves, product supports, product elevation (pedestals), window protection (anti-vandalism), separators …
  • Security glazing: screens for shopping centers, schools, gymnasiums, transit areas, airports.
  • Dividing walls, glazing.
  • Covers and skylights.
  • Industrial protection.
  • Furniture and decoration: shelves, supports for tables, sculptures, pedestals.
  • Urban street furniture.
  • Promotions, vending, brochure dispensers, posters, displays.
  • Paperweights, engraved or printed commemorative plaques.
  • Advertising and advertising elements: pricetag holders, photo frames, pedestals with printing, engraved.
  • Stands.

Other materials available