The most advanced designs in short production times and with high profitability

Our facilities have powerful thermoforming equipment of big and small dimensions. Thanks to this, we can offer a piece molding system capable of taking on the most advanced designs (with straight lines, curves, creases …) in short production times and with high profitability in both high- and low-volume orders.

Thermoforming of plastics is used to shape a plastic through heat and vacuum, using a mold or matrix. The plate or sheet acquires the form of the mold through the action of pressure and high temperature. Although it is a technology that has been available for years, nowadays it has been perfected so much so that it offers even more competitive costs than extrusion or plastics injection.

At Plásticos Ferplast, we have carried out all kinds of projects over the years using this technique and have mastered its possibilities. Ask us and we will help you to study how it can offer you the best results.

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